Retail Gasoline, Diesel, and Biodiesel Stores

     Holtzman Oil Corp. supplies over 130 stations and convenience stores throughout the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.  Our gasoline brands include Liberty, ExxonMobil, Shell and Pure.


Holtzman Transport

Retail Gasoline, Diesel, and BioDiesel

     Holtzman Oil Corp. is proud to offer BIODIESEL, our diesel fuel equivalent. This fuel source is cleaner burning and better for the environment. We have B100 Biodiesel at our three bulk plants in Mt. Jackson, Leesburg, and Luray. We can make any blend necessary to accommodate our customers' needs. We package it in drums and pails, as well as make bulk deliveries. Holtzman Oil Corp. also markets a B5 blend at several of our retail locations. Call us today to learn more about Biodiesel, or go to the web at
Liberty Exxon Mobil Shell Pure
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